Hey, I'm Kelton. I used to tell people my name meant warrior in Scottish, but "Scottish" isn't a language and Kelton means "town of the keels", which was a place where ships were built. But people believed me for thirty years. 

I wrote a book called Anonymous Asked: Life Lessons from the Internet's Big Sister. It wasn't until much later that I realized how hard it is to yell that title in a bar.

I'm the Director of Editorial at Headspace. My work's been featured in Teen Vogue, Thought Catalog, Leveled Magazine, and more. I also appeared on several HuffPost Live segments under my pseudonym, Prescott Reynolds, which I really did not think was any more unbelievable than Kelton Wright, but people seem to disagree.

I created Bold Moves October, which was featured on xoJane and on Neil Gaiman's blog.  Both Neil and Jane appreciate boldness. 

In addition to writing, I also spend a lot of time riding my bike in spandex. My writing on all things bike related can be seen on Rapha, Machines for Freedom, and Pretty Damned Fast. I also wrote the closing essay in Ride the Revolution: The Inside Stories from Women in Cycling

Most of my old stuff lives on keltonwrites.tumblr.com, but I'd recommend the book for a real deep dive. 

I'm currently working on my first novel. Keep an eye out if you like miscreants, Idaho, and unexpectedly strong thighs.