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I’m passionate about helping people live happier lives: by word, by bike, and by foot.


Author & Editor

Writing brings me joy, and it’s what enables me to bring joy to others. I’ve written books, stories, commercials, newsletters, guided walks, UX copy, menus, poems, land grants, social captions, meditations, visualizations, a handful of scripts, and probably one too many essays about birds.


Anonymous Asked: Life Lessons from the Internet’s Big Sister

If you've ever wondered why someone didn't text you back, or why you got dumped, or what you're doing with your life, rest assured this book has answered every possible version of these questions on the Internet. These adventures, mistakes, learnings, and un-learnings can offer heartfelt and often humorous solace to all the other people wondering what the hell they're doing.

City Cycling Guides: Los Angeles & San Francisco

Each volume features cycle-friendly neighborhoods, complete with itineraries, cycle maps, and cyclist-friendly sites to visit. These guides are aimed at people interested in casual exploration, but they also include information for hardcore racing enthusiasts. Designed with the cyclist in mind, the information-packed paperbacks will fit into a backpack or back pocket.


in the oaks

75% of all birds born die within the first year. But I try to take care of the ones I can.

Growing up, I spent an unusual amount of time with birds. My mother was a wildlife biologist at the Kevin P. Clinton Wildlife Center at Penitentiary Glen outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Wildlife biologists make much less money than one would hope, so while she watched over the birds, the birds watched over me.

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mandatory evacuation

On Friday, we woke up at dawn, phones dying, plugged into walls that lost power sometime in the night, and we looked for plumes of smoke. On the west face of the mountain, we’re audience to every sunrise, blind to every sunset. The day was clear. We knew the fire was burning somewhere, but without power, we had no way to check. No way to call out. So I put on my cycling kit, and I prepared to descend the canyon to the coast.

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mental health at work

Some sick days are obvious: a bad cough, a broken wrist, food poisoning. We sit out work for fevers, colds, and injuries just by shooting over an email to our boss. But what about when the sick day is for mental health? Or when the doctor’s visit is actually therapy? What are companies doing to normalize the health of our minds?


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